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Smiling Catastrophe

i'm the best you'll ever meet.

Frangirl Kitch

♥franfrog + belprince♥

kaishina alipusan desu nah~
remember it. love it. treasure it.

i'm sixteen years old as you can see but honestly speaking,
i'm really too mature for my own age. weird much?
i have a couple of hobbies up my sleeves but being an rusty writer,
an improving graphics creator, a devoloping singer
and a hyper flailing fangirl are my majors. YAY me.
as for everything that was not listed, i'm an uber failure.
just get used to it and deal with it, k?
i'm your typical insane and bittersweet average female
uste college freshmen but do remember, i'm only a human being.
i have feelings as well. and for your information,
i'm quite fragile myself so don't you dare try to rip me to pieces.
oh yeah, have i ever said i was gullible? sad, isn't it?

sweetest temptations
anime ichiban: Fran (KHR - Varia)
anime niiban: Belphegor (KHR - Varia)
japan ichiban: Tegoshi Yuya (NEWS/TegoMass)
japan niiban: Kamenashi Kazuya (KAT-TUN)
korea ichiban: Kim Hyung Joon (T-Max)
korea niiban: Park Jung Su (Super Junior)

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T'm the best Smiling Catastropheyou'll ever meet.♥
-- kaishina, self-proclaimed Fran-sempai